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2 thoughts on “Archives

  1. GOLDEN EAGLE PASS POSTER. Does NOT state this pass is only for seniors 65 plus who LIVE on the reservation. For that reason, all Isleta members 65 plus should be allowed to receive one. However, I was informed by Jeff’s secretary that is not the case. I wrote the governor and he never responded. So much for his saying that ALL members are to be treated equally and rights protected. What are the quarter bloods to look forward to, once they become members? I don’t see much for them, if this is how those in power chose to treat one who is half blood and lives a productive life off the rez. I spend money at the casino, I have my own health care, I take drinks or food to those who give out the turkeys and hams. I do my best to be thankful and considerate when visiting the Pueblo. There is nothing to fear from one who lives away from the village. It is not my intention to take advantage of the people of Isleta, Only to have the same rights as other members.

  2. Only certain individuals can take advantage of their own people. We know who they are! They bestow that privilege on themselves.

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