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Council Approves 51 Quarter-Bloods for Membership

On August 24, 2016, Michelle Lujan from the Isleta Census and Enrollment Office presented 51 applicants to the Isleta Tribal Council for approval as tribal members. The Council voted to accept the 51 persons for enrollment as presented. The vote was 5 in favor, 0 opposed and 1 abstaining. Council Member Barbara Sanchez abstained. Council Member Michael Allen Lente was absent.

Prior to the vote, Council Member Barbara Sanchez announced that she would abstain from all votes concerning the approval of enrollment applications. She feels it is improper for the Council to vote on membership applications because she believes that the Tribal Enrollment Committee (TEC) should approve all applicants. She believes that applicants will not have an appeal process, if the Council denies an applicant. The Council did not discuss her comment.

As of August 24th, the Council has approved 274 persons for enrollment. This number does not include applicants approved for membership by the TEC.

Under the Tribal Enrollment Ordinance, the Isleta Tribal Council and the TEC have authority to approve applicants for tribal membership. This means that the total number of persons enrolled is higher than the 274 persons identified at the August 24th meeting because the TEC is also approving membership applications. Michelle Lujan did not report the total number of applicants approved by the TEC.


What is the total number of applications for membership received by the Isleta Census and Enrollment Office?

How many applications has the TEC approved for membership? How many have they denied?


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What are your thoughts?

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