Backlash Against Isleta Quarter-Bloods

A group of tribal members met on July 8, 2016, to discuss possible amendments to the Isleta Constitution. The group is unhappy about the recent constitutional amendment that allows persons with one-quarter Isleta Indian blood to become members of the Pueblo. So, they are considering an effort to change the constitution as follows:

Proposed Amendment No. 1:

Increase the blood-quantum from one-quarter (1/4) to one-half (1/2).

Proposed Amendment No. 2:

Require the Governor to speak the Isleta language by adding a new subsection to Article IV, Section 3 that states:

“He shall speak the Isleta language.”

Proposed Amendment No. 3:

Add a new section called “Article XIV – Traditional Government” that states:

“The enumeration in this constitution of the duties of the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch shall not be construed to limit the inherent powers and authorities of the traditional leaders of the Pueblo of Isleta in accordance with the customs and traditions of the Pueblo of Isleta.”

Proposed Amendment No. 4:

Revise Article XIII to eliminate the Secretary of the Interior from accepting petitions from tribal members requesting an election to amend the tribal constitution.

Instead, the new language would require the Council Secretary to call and hold a special election on a proposed constitutional amendment upon majority vote of the Council or by a petition signed by at least one-third (1/3) of tribal members eligible to vote.



9 Replies to “Backlash Against Isleta Quarter-Bloods”

  1. Bahahaha! What does this do? Since this blood quantum issue has passed with an overwhelming margin, all who are against it are incurring the repercussions of hate. Do you not realize the number of deaths we have experienced? The Dog Head Fire which was started by one of our members? Three members trying to rob a convenience store? Denial of drug and alcohol among your family members and friends? The crawling visitors from the elementary school? The infectious rabbits on the east side. There are so many others that are and will occur. Evil has encompassed many of you and yet you continue to be hateful. You know this to be true. No matter how many times you go and seek traditional healing, the evil that lurks within your souls will prevent healing. Now before you take the next step, conduct some soul searching and critical thinking that may force you to realign your path which may prevent the destruction of our way of life and our people.

  2. Delanee, your comments prove you do not respect or know our traditions, customs, probably our language, and what unspoken obligations we are born unto in this Pueblo. You do not understand what it means to be Indian. We are born unto an unspoken obligation to protect and continue our Indian traditions, customs, and language. If you do not want to uphold these unspoken obligations, then what are you? A white person living on the reservation. If you are superior to these unspoken obligations, then LEAVE because you are doing no good to the people or our deities. Fear not, the change will come and our mother will bring balance and weed out the evil.

  3. Its a shame that people are afraid of using their real name. Whats to hide? If you believe what you say, then whats the problem. Why hide??????

  4. Tiffany and kljklj, your ignorance only confirms your lack of comprehending the truth. kljklj, I fear not because I know what plan is playing out in front of our eyes that is why our people are made to suffer with the deaths, drug and alcohol, infectious rabbits, crawling visitors, etc., and the EVIL that lies within your souls will only continue because of your hatred. Our Mother will continue to weed out the EVIL and bring balance to those who carry the love within their souls for one another. No where in our teachings and beliefs does it say to be hateful to one another. But then again, the blows of domestic violence, drugs and alcohol abuse can effect the ability to think and comprehend.

  5. Tiffany, kljklj…your ignorance only confirms your lack of understanding the truth. kljklj, you state about “unspoken obligations” but yet, you yourself do not honor those practices. Where in our teachings does it say to hurt one another? See, you yourself do not understand so be careful of your statements. Our Mother is balancing and weeding out the EVIL and that is why we must suffer with the acts of deaths, drug and alcohol abuse, infectious rabbits, crawling visitors among our people and tribe. However, those who entertain domestic violence may possibly have a reason for not comprehending my statement.

    1. I am not a hateful person and the evil that lies within our souls? Are you serious? Wow that’s very hateful. Delanee ?? Come on we all know u who are behind that fake name. Talking bout what our pueblo is dealing with on public record isn’t right either. U talk aboutus being hateful however you do state that the blows of domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse can affect the ability to think and comprehend?!! What are you getting at!?? I’m the only one on here that has my name freely for everyone to see. I am not scared and I am not an alcoholic nor do I abuse drugs, never in my life have I ever done that! You are the hateful one. I strongly believe in what I am doing and what I am fighting for. Everyone has an opinion if yours is hateful to the point of where it’s personal then deal with me personally.

  6. I would like to know what repercussions the tribe would face to adopt these changes to the constitution. I was under the impression that adding quarter bloods was sanctioned by the BIA. If the tribe chose to ignore this and change the language of the constitution, how would the BIA respond and what would their role be?

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