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By Christopher L. Abeita

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Notice to Isleta Quarter-Bloods

The Pueblo of Isleta has finally posted a Notice to make Isleta Quarter-Bloods aware that they may begin applying for membership. The notice states:

“In accordance with the newly amended Pueblo of Isleta Constitution, the Census/Tribal Enrollment Department is accepting applications for Tribal Membership from Registered Descendants. Registered Descendants who are currently listed on the Descendants List and who are not enrolled with another federally recognized tribe are entitled to a priority process. This priority process will continue through January 31, 2017. Beginning February 1, 2017, all applications will be processed as they are received.

Expedited Applications for Registered Descendants are available at the Census/Tribal Enrollment Department in the Governor’s Office and online at the Pueblo of Isleta Website,

The Census/Tribal Enrollment Department will be accepting applications from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Tribal Members can come to the Department for their Tribal ID’s after the Member receives a Resolution and a Certificate of Tribal Verification via certified mail.

Contact the Pueblo of Isleta’s Census/Tribal Enrollment Department at (505) 869-9766 with any questions.

Editorial Comment

The “Descendant Application for Tribal Membership” requires you to certify that you “understand” that your application is being:

“processed as described in Section 5, 7 and 8 of the Tribal Enrollment Ordinance, as amended and consistent with the Policies for the Tribal Census/Enrollment Department.”

HOWEVER, the Isleta Tribal Council has not bothered to release the newly amended Tribal Enrollment Ordinance to the public. Nor, has the Council released the “Policies” that the the Tribal Census/Enrollment Department is supposed to be following to process applicants.

So, how is it possible for you to “certify” that you “understand” the provisions of the Enrollment Ordinance or the “Policies?”

To download the Council’s Application for Enrollment, click: Descendant Application for Tribal Membership

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