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Public Comment on the Enrollment of Quarter-Bloods

ReGina J. Zuni posted the following comment on Isleta Pueblo Politics:

Hold on, wait a minute! It’s my understanding that any/all ordinances are supposed to be granted a review and comment period by Isleta Tribal Members…prior to enactment. This Enrollment Ordinance is no different.

Is Fernando Abeita and his cronies going to hinder our ability to comment on this Enrollment Ordinance too? I sense the supporters of quarter-blood reduction are relying on some shadiness to enable their tribal memberships.

How can we respect this CHANGE if it is not being done in a legitimate manner? OMG! This reeks of corruption already. Shame on them!

Chris: Please post that particular resolution which allows Isleta Tribal Members a review and comment period.

I was able to get a copy of the Resolution.

On  November 11, 2014, the Isleta Tribal Council adopted Resolution No. 2011-076, entitled, “Enacting a Public Review and Input Process for Tribal Ordinances.”

This resolution obligates the Council to give the Tribe an opportunity to provide comment on proposed laws BEFORE the Council enacts those laws.

So, does Resolution No. 2011-076 require the Tribal Council to get public comment on the proposed changes to the Tribal Enrollment Ordinance?

I would argue – No.  

But,  what do the lawyers for the Tribe say? What is their legal analysis? They are getting paid big salaries to resolve these types of issues.

To read the Public Review Ordinance, click: Resolution No. 2011-076

What are your thoughts?

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