Community Meeting

Governor Eddie Paul Torres released his agenda for the community meeting set for Saturday, May 14, 2016, at 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  The meeting will be held at the Isleta Resort and Casino, Ballroom C.

The Governor’s presenters will be:

Isleta Resort & Casino – Harold Baugus, CEO;

Public Services Department – Shawna Ballay, Director;

Isleta Elementary School – Rebecca Vesely, Principal;

Isleta Elderly Center – Rita Jojola, Director;

Isleta Assisted Living – Natalie Abeita, Director;

Isleta Census & Enrollment Department – Michelle Lujan, Coordinator; &

Isleta Tribal Council – Verna Teller, President


5 Replies to “Community Meeting”

  1. The tribe has already identified and qualified “Descendants”. Those descendants that are already listed on the Pueblo of Isleta Census Roll as an Indian Descendant of an Isleta Tribal Member as verified by the Pueblo of Isleta identifying their Total Degree of Isleta Blood as 1/4=25% or greater AND are not members of another tribe WILL automatically become members of the Pueblo of Isleta. The role of the enrollment department is to accept new applications and access the qualifications of incoming members to our tribe. This process has already taken place for most of the “Descendants” and only new applications for membership should be subject to an enrollment process. No action is required by the enrollment committee. The enrollment department can delay the issuance of a new Certificate of Tribal Verification to the “Descendants” meeting the new requirements but the enrollment is automatic. The vote has taken place and the new language changing 1/2 to 1/4 was approved by the members. The language will be changed in our constitution and will take effect immediately.

    7 1/2 years for any task is unreasonable.

  2. Despite what quailranch may think or desire, it’s up to the current Tribal Council and governor to place the wannabes on the rolls. Things don’t happen over night. See how their greedy has the wannabes chopping at the bit already. Geez

    1. If it is greed that makes quarter-bloods eager to become members of this tribe, then it is greed that makes many tribal members eager to keep them out.

      Our Tribal Council classifies quarter bloods as “Descendants.” But, in reality, the full-bloods and the half-bloods are also just “Descendants” of our people.

      Undoubtedly, many quarters wish to become members of the Tribe because they may think that they will be able to take or get something from our Tribe. These persons are no different than the full-bloods and the half-bloods who only take from our Tribe and give nothing in return.

      It is unfortunate that many of us only see what the quarter-bloods will take. We are unwilling to see what they may give.

  3. Jones Bones, It’s not greed and maybe I misspoke. You’re right and there is a process. The fact is that we had a vote and the constitution has been amended and the 1/4 bloods will become members. I don’t speak for the 1/4 bloods but I don’t see anywhere that they are getting anything immediately or are asking for anything except recognition and the right to be called Isleta. Their benefits can come in time and that process can be monitored but why delay membership where the tribe has already verified blood quantum? No one has the right to purposefully delay the process of membership.

    I get your fear but is there some big prize money or huge benefits that you have that the rest of the members aren’t aware of? Probably not. So why the paranoia? I am already Isleta so it’s not greed on my part. I don’t see how the 1/4 bloods will take anything away from what you have or what I have. I value the benefits we get but it’s definitely not enough for me to worry about finally allowing a Descendant his heritage and the recognition as a tribal member. They are Isleta blood. I won’t live forever and neither will anyone else and what we are doing is allowing the tribe to grow.

    If it is only fear then I can’t fault you. Maybe you rely 100% on the tribe and you worry there’s not enough for you. I’m just saying that no one is planning to come running in to take anything from you or anyone else. The Descendants who have already been identified have been tracked and counted all these years by the tribe. Why? Maybe their names are already on the Isleta census rolls and our federal funding has been higher because of those census numbers. That’s just a guess but if it’s not the case, then great! Our funding should increase. The Descendants have waited and the time has come to allow them to claim their Isleta heritage. It’s right and it’s fair.

    One day you might actually have a grandchild or great-grandchild that is 1/4 Isleta and you will understand why people are passionate about this. Then you might be ashamed that you called him or her a wannabe.

  4. A government willing to pay somebody to go away, is wannabes greedy for power. Don’t be a pot calling kettle black. Interesting that the server unexpectedly closed down before I could submit my response. Hmm.

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