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By Christopher L. Abeita

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Political Attack on Petition for Isleta Quarter-Bloods

Council Members Scramble to Undermine Petition Drive 

On Monday, October 19, 2015, @ 10:00 a.m., the Isleta Tribal Council will consider requesting a Secretarial Election to amend the Isleta Tribal Constitution.

The proposed amendment would eliminate the right of tribal members to submit petitions directly to the Secretary of Interior requesting elections on amending the Tribal Constitution.

Instead, tribal members would be forced to submit petitions to the Isleta Tribal Council, which would enable the Council to completely ignore petitions from tribal members.

Randy Jiron, Head War Chief, is scheduled to go before the Council to advocate for the proposed amendment.

If successful, the proposed amendment would undermine the current petition seeking a Secretarial Election to allow descendants with one-quarter Isleta Indian blood to become members of the Pueblo.

Attorney Pablo H. Padilla came up with this recommendation to help opponents of the petition drive. previously discussed this issue on September 24, 2015. Such article is reposted below.

The End of Future Petitions?

Tribal members that are against the petition are now asking the Council to request a Secretarial Election to amend the Constitution to prevent tribal members from bypassing the Council on proposed amendments to the Constitution. They want an amendment that would eliminate the Secretary of Interior from accepting petitions from tribal members and conducting elections on proposed constitutional changes.

Eliminating the right of the people to submit petitions to the Secretary is extremely dangerous and detrimental to our Pueblo. It eliminates a neutral party from ensuring that elections are conducted honestly and fairly.

It also allows the Council to create extreme obstacles for tribal members proposing ANY TYPE of constitutional changes at the grass roots level.  This would make it virtually impossible for the people to vote on any proposed changes to the Constitution.

As it is now, the current Council has very little regard for the concerns of tribal members. They still refuse to make all of the laws, ordinances and policies readily and easily available to tribal members.

What are your thoughts?

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