Isleta Gaming Regulatory Agency Failing to Follow the Law

Problems Persist for Isleta’s Troubled Gaming Regulatory Agency

The Pueblo of Isleta Gaming Regulatory Agency (Agency) is responsible for deciding whether to grant gaming licenses to persons who apply for jobs at the Isleta Resort and Casino. The Agency can also revoke or suspend a person’s gaming license.

If the Agency denies a gaming license to an applicant, the applicant has the right to file an appeal with the Isleta Gaming Licensing Review Office (IGLRO). A Hearing Officer then decides whether to uphold or reverse the Agency’s decision. The IGLRO is supposed to be independent from the Regulatory Agency. 

But, the appeal process only works, if a person files an appeal. The problem is that people don’t know that they have the right to appeal a denial of a gaming license. Why?

Because the Agency is failing to comply with the law. It is failing to provide applicants with proper notice of their right to file an appeal. 

If the Agency denies a gaming license to an applicant, the Agency becomes obligated to provide that person with a copy of the Pueblo of Isleta Gaming Licensing Review Procedures. But, the Agency is ignoring their obligation. This allows the Regulatory Agency to deprive persons of their right to an appeal. It also allows the Agency to avoid scrutiny of their decisions. 

Priscilla Speidel is the Interim Executive Director of the Regulatory Agency. She is responsible for ensuring that the Agency complies with the law. Soon, she will be replaced by Georgene Louis. The Council recently selected Louis to serve as the new Executive Director.

Judith Durzo is the Hearing Officer for the Gaming Licensing Review Office. She is a lawyer. The Council appointed Durzo on March 21, 2013. She has a 3 year term of office. The Council pays her $195.00 an hour to serve as the Hearing Officer. Durzo is also responsible for submitting quarterly reports to the Council pursuant to Resolution #2001-104.

Click, Resolution #2001-104, Pueblo of Isleta Gaming License Review Procedures to download a copy. 

Today at 11:00 a.m., the new Executive Director, Georgine Louis will present the Isleta Gaming Regulatory Agency’s budget to the Tribal Council.


Council Hires Georgene Louis as New Gaming Regulator

3/21/13 Isleta Tribal Council Meeting

Pueblo of Isleta Gaming Regulatory Agency Failing To Do Its Job

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  1. Judith “Judy” Durzo? How does one go from being an animal bite attorney to an ethics hearing officer to a gaming license review / hearing officer? Oh that’s right, she’s got the political hook up – with the Pueblo of Isleta.

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