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By Christopher L. Abeita

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Deadline to Withhold Isleta Per Capita Distribution

Enforcement of Tribal Court Judgments

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, the Pueblo of Isleta will distribute the second installment of the 2015 per capita distribution to Isleta tribal members. The distribution will be $1,050.00.

If a tribal member owes you money, you may request the Isleta Tribal Court to withhold up to 75% of their second per capita distribution to satisfy an unpaid Isleta Tribal Court judgment.

Resolution #2015-055 empowers the Isleta Tribal Court to withhold per capita distributions to satisfy outstanding tribal court judgments for civil restitution, ditch dues, housing payments, court fines and incarceration bills.

You may also request the Tribal Court to withhold per capita to satisfy an unpaid State Court judgment for unpaid child support or restitution in accordance with Resolution #2000-00111 and Resolution #2011-069.

Notice of Deadline on Per Capita Withholding-page-001To withhold a per capita distribution, you MUST file your request with the Isleta Tribal Court no later than Friday, September 25, 2015. Click, the icon to read the Tribal Court’s notice of requirements.

The Isleta Tribal Court created a form to request withholding of per capita. To download the form, click: Motion to Request Per Capita Withholding.

Isleta Resort & Casino Facilities Director

The Isleta Resort and Casino is seeking a Facilities Director. Frank Lujan, President of the Isleta Tribal Council, previously announced to the Council that he was interested in applying for this job. If hired, he would be required to resign from his position on the Tribal Council.

The Facilities Director position pays nearly $80,000.00 depending on experience.

According to the Casino’s website, the position requires a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction management or a related field.

To read the job description, click: Isleta Casino and Resort Facilities Director.

Tiwa Lending Services

Tiwa Lending Services is offering a free 12 week course on financial education. Click the icon below for more information:

Flyer FEC-page-001











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