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By Christopher L. Abeita

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Tribal Members Want to Vote on Lowering the Blood Quantum

Will the Council Vote in Favor of Requesting an Election?

On Monday, June 15, 2015, at 2 p.m. tribal members will meet with the Isleta Tribal Council. They will ask the Council to vote in favor of requesting a Secretarial Election on a constitutional amendment to lower the Isleta blood quantum from one-half to one-quarter.  

If the Council votes in favor of the request, it will allow tribal members to vote on whether to lower the blood quantum.


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  1. I served our country honorably over 20 years to defend and protect our “rights and freedoms” of Speech, Press Assembly, and to VOTE! So why is it that some of our Community members oppose in granting the wishes and concerns of others in an open election? With such an election to lower the blood quantum to one-fourth (quarter) you can always vote “No”. This is a freedom you still have!

    1. I am so sick of these council members being worried about how much of our resources will be used. Its not like the air we breath will be used up. Its just money. Before we had the casino or the other businesses Isleta owns we didnt have money. Whats the big deal?
      I’m worried about our children and grandchildren being allowed to live in Isleta where they were raised. It’s not right for those members to be pushed out of here. From what I understand as of 1942 everyone living here at the time were considered Isleta members. There are many people on the council and our Governor who are light skinned, somewhere there family members mingled with other races too. Now these people are talking about pushing out those that are only a quarter Isleta. How dare they.
      I am all for changing the blood quantum. Our children and grandchildren should have Isleta Pueblo to call there home. I don’t care about the money I’m concerned about our children and their families.

  2. The more enrolled members the better that way in the future the 1/4 bloods can become 1/2 or more bloods.

  3. The Membership Issue needed at least 11 votes to victory last time however, it will definitely pass this go round. I really don’t think that the “flood gates” will bring in a shipload of descendants. Let’s get real people and start thinking with your heart instead of the greed you carry within your souls.

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