Governor Torres Maneuvers to Oust Ranch Manager

Comanche Ranch  Manager Resigns

After 8 years with the Pueblo, Martin Abeita resigned from his position as Manager of the Isleta Comanche Ranch.  Abeita was responsible for the day to day operations of the Tribe’s cattle enterprise. Today, the Tribe owns approximately 900 head of cattle.

Abeita secured nearly one million dollars in grant funding for the Comanche Ranch. He also spearheaded a relationship with  Labatt Food Service to sell them Isleta’s cattle. He was also working toward selling Isleta’s beef to the Isleta Resort & Casino.

As a result, on several occasions, Robert “Chip” Martin, CEO of the Isleta Business Corporation (IBC), praised and complimented Martin Abeita before the Isleta Tribal Council.

But, last year, on August 7, 2014, the Council took away the IBC’s authority of the Ranch. The Council voted to place oversight of the Ranch back with Governor Eddie Paul Torres.

Torres opposed the prior Council’s decision. He told the Council that he and his Lieutenants were too busy to provide oversight of the Ranch. Nevertheless, the prior Council directed the IBC to develop a transition plan to move the Ranch back to the Pueblo.

Governor Torres, however, ignored the prior Council and he failed to sign the transition plan agreement. This was uncovered by the new Council. Nevertheless, the new Council did nothing.

Due to the new Council’s lack of interest in the Comanche Ranch, Governor Torres was able to force Martin Abeita to resign. Torres cut Abeita’s salary. He then directed that Human Resources advertise Abeita’s position.

Presently, Torres is advertising to hire two persons to replace Abeita. The new hires will each serve as a Ranch Foreman. According to the job description, these persons will answer directly to the Governor. Each position pays up to $42,459.00.

Editorial Comment


Who’s needing a job from the Governor’s family? Or, is it just the Governor’s friends that are looking for work?

I guess we’ll soon find out.

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3 Replies to “Governor Torres Maneuvers to Oust Ranch Manager”

  1. Wonder what the reason was for firing Martin. Why can’t we all just get along and work together for the betterment of our Tribe?? Is that so difficult to accomplish?

    1. He wasn’t fired. The Governor pressured him to resign by cutting his salary and advertising his job.

  2. This is rather disturbing news but then again look at the leadership holding the reins, the fate and demise of our community at their hands. (SMH) Which former Councilmember and/or family member will be awarded the position? We all know that has been the trend or routine of leadership.

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