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By Christopher L. Abeita

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Casino Vendor Felt Pressured to Sponsor Isleta’s Asset Protection Summit

Vendor Complaint about Executive Director Patrick Sanchez 

A vendor to the Isleta Resort & Casino complained about Patrick Sanchez soliciting donations to sponsor an “Asset Protection Summit.” Sanchez is the Executive Director of the Isleta Gaming Regulatory Agency.  Isleta touts the Summit as an event to educate gaming regulators on how to safeguard casino assets through “communication, education and enforcement.”

The “Asset Protection Summit” provides free training to neighboring casinos, gaming commissions and law enforcement agencies. The Summit is funded by donations and sponsorships, which are solicited by Patrick Sanchez.

Vendors to the Isleta Resort & Casino must have a gaming license to do business with the Casino. Executive Director Sanchez is responsible for deciding whether to grant, deny, suspend or revoke gaming licenses to vendors.

Last year, Council Member Barbara Sanchez reported to the Isleta Tribal Council that a vendor contacted her to complain about the solicitation.  She reported that he “felt pressured that if he did not donate the money that his vendor license may not be renewed in the future.” According to the Council Member, the vendor did not want to reveal his identity. 

Executive Director Patrick Sanchez formed a committee to help him organize the Summit. Committee members included: Amber Mosteller, George San Miguel, Victor Sanchez and Dorella Chewiwi.

According to Executive Director Sanchez, the Committee developed a sponsorship contact list, which included vendors that should be solicited for donations or sponsorships. Sanchez then sent a letter  based on the committee’s list.

The prior Council took no action against Patrick Sanchez concerning the matter.

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