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Too Much Sewage Left in Treated Water

KRQE News Uncovers 3 Violations of Clean Water Act Prior to Albuquerque’s 6 Million Gallon Sewage Spill

Did our Tribe know about Albuquerque’s 3 prior violations?

If so, what did Governor Eddie Paul Torres do about the violations?

What is our Tribe doing to enforce our own water quality standards?


Comps for Tribal Attorney Pablo Padilla


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  1. What did you expect from Eddie Paul Torres? This is a low down dirty shame…dirty politician, dirty water!

  2. Yuck!! Is it even safe for farmers who use the irrigation water?? Is it safe to plant gardens and irrigate with that water?? Whose watching out for the tribes welfare, is it the Environmental Dept whose supposed to take the initiative to address this issue????

  3. I am sure David Morris does not live downstream from the treatment plant. If he did, most likely ZERO violations would be the norm vs, oh what did he say “three”! This is a damn shame.If the tribe continues to allow the city to make excuses then it is very likely that three or four will continue to be the norm. There needs to be ZERO tolerance so our people do not suffer.

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