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By Christopher L. Abeita

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Comps for Tribal Attorney Pablo Padilla

The 8th Council Member 

Why was the Tribe’s attorney, Pablo Padilla, getting comps (complimentary) from the Casino? On multiple occasions, Padilla was getting free hotel rooms from the Isleta Resort and Casino (IR&C) whenever he wanted. 

To see a few examples of the proof, click: Comps for Pablo Padilla.

Council Members ReGina Zuni and Diane Peigler brought this issue to the attention of the Isleta Tribal Council in 2012. But, our tribal officials didn’t care. Why?

How else is the General Counsel abusing his position?

Why is Pablo Padilla entitled to comps from the IR&C?  After all, our Tribe pays him a salary of $140,000.00 — not to mention his fringe benefits.

Why is Governor Eddie Paul Torres protecting him? Who else is protecting him? What secrets does Padilla hold? 

Pablo Padilla is the Tribe’s General Counsel. He provides legal advice to Governor Torres, the Tribal Council and to virtually every other tribal enterprise and governmental program. This gives Padilla tremendous power.

Padilla steers our Tribe in whatever direction HE wants. Indeed, Padilla was the 13th Council Member during prior terms. Now, he’s the 8th Council Member.

Padilla is the person developing the policies and laws that we, the people, must obey. Yet, Padilla is not accountable to anyone. 

Meanwhile, under the Torres Administration, employees  have been fired for actions that pale in comparison. In fact, our casino employees have been terminated “without cause” because they are considered “at-will” employees.

Now, our “sovereignty” is at risk because innocent employees were terminated for absolutely no reason.

And, Governor Torres does nothing to correct those wrongs. How does that affect our Tribe? How does that affect our employees?

Meanwhile, all the lawyers for our Tribe just get richer — win or lose.

Why is this happening? 

What secrets does Padilla hold that would cause our tribal officials to turn the other way whenever Padilla is caught abusing his position? What are they afraid of?

I submitted a letter to Governor Eddie Paul Torres concerning Padilla abusing his position with our Tribe. Our Governor chose to ignore the letter. So, I’ve asked the new Tribal Council to examine the issues that I raised in that letter.

Now, we can only hope that the Council will do something. If they also choose to do NOTHING like our Governor, I will bring the issues to your attention. You can then decide whether the Tribe’s General Counsel and our elected officials are acting in the best interests of our Tribe.

Judicial Appointments & Salary Confusion

What are your thoughts?

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