Banishment of Isleta Tribal Members

Banishment of Isleta Tribal Members

On December 30, 2010, the Isleta Tribal Council adopted Resolution #2010-146, “Resolution on Banishment of Pueblo of Isleta Tribal Members.”   Click: Resolution #2010-146.

Article V, Section 2(e) of the Isleta Tribal Constitution expressly empowers the Tribal Council to remove and exclude non-members from the reservation.  However, the Constitution does not contain any language that empowers the Council to remove and exclude Tribal Members from the reservation.

So, the Council adopted Resolution #2010-146 to declare that the Council has the “inherent” power to remove and exclude tribal members from the reservation “whose presence may be found by the Tribal Council to be injurious to the peace, safety or welfare of the members of the Pueblo.”

Editorial Comment

This is a very extreme punishment.  So, what kind of Tribal Member is “injurious to the peace, safety or welfare” of our Tribe?

Well, I guess it can’t be convicted murderers because we have those persons living on the rez.  And, it can’t be child molesters because those persons are also living on the rez. And, it can’t be rapists because they also live on the rez? And, it can’t be our brave tough men who beat the crap out of their wives or their girlfriends because they’re also happily living on the rez. And, it isn’t drug dealers because they’re also living on the rez.

So, if it’s not these Tribal Members, then who is it? 

Pueblo’s Policy on Membership by Naturalization or Adoption

2 Replies to “Banishment of Isleta Tribal Members”

  1. How about a Mexican who was married to a 1/2 tribal member and she pass on and have kids that they’re only 1/4 indain. 1/4 white and 1/2 Mexican?? and still living here in THE PUEBLO. If the Governor and the Council get together and found out who’s really living in the PUEBLO. Some are still living here without there wives or girlfriends or husbans ,boyfriends and they bring in someone eles in and live with them.

  2. I agree with the above comment as to who is injurious to the peace of Isleta. You are right there are numerous murderers, rapists, child molesters, spouses beaters both men and woman, living here. so what has the council ever done about that? Nothing! They sure waste their time writing up stupid policy’s that never accomplish anything. They don’t make Isleta any safer, nor do they work towards bettering the lives of any of us. What does the council do? They cash the checks they get for being on the council. Hummmmmm I wonder what else they do?

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