5 Replies to “Albuquerque Spills 6 Million Gallons of Sewage into Rio Grande”

  1. Please don’t tell me Pablo H. Padilla, Jr will be the lead attorney in this suit. If he is, POI may as well sit down let the City of Albuquerque bully us.

  2. This is crazy, 6,000,000 gallons of sewage is equivalent to a septic tank the size of a football field and about 133 feet deep, that is a lot of sewage. The downstream users were affected not the City. The City acted as if it was no big deal, basically saying lesson learned (ooops) and I am not surprised that the EPA seemingly has let them off the hook. Oh yeah but the City thinks they’ve addressed the issue by firing the lowest guys in the rank. Wow, incredible.

    1. Unfortunately, the tribal officials of Isleta didn’t do very much either. They barely whimpered by sending a weak letter to the EPA and that was it.

      And, I don’t recall hearing anything from Los Lunas, Belen or anyone else downstream.

      I guess all of us are just satisfied with irrigating our crops with Albuquerque’s sewage water.

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