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Former Council Members Seek Appointment onto IBC

UpdateTreasury Department

Today, the Isleta Tribal Council placed a hold on the appointment of James Christopher as Treasurer for the Pueblo of Isleta. Christopher’s actual installation as Treasurer depends on the outcome of further investigation into his background.

Meanwhile, the Council appointed Eric DeFlon to serve as the Interim Treasurer. DeFlon is the Chief Financial Officer for the Pueblo of Isleta.

Isleta Business Corporation (IBC)

Former Council Members Juan Rey Ashke Abeita and Cynthia Jaramillo submitted letters requesting that the Isleta Tribal Council appoint them onto the Board of Directors for the IBC.

Currently, the Board of Directors are:

James Fitting, Chairman

Michael Paquin, Vice Chairman

Harold Culbertson

Robert Lucero

Jessica Jaramillo

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