Rodney Jones Confirmed as Chief Judge

mmRodney Jones

January 23, 2015, Governor Eddie Paul Torres presented Rodney Jones as his appointment for Chief Judge of the Isleta Tribal Court. The Isleta Tribal Council unanimously confirmed Jones as Chief Judge for the 2015-2016 term.

Francine Jaramillo

Council Member Verna Teller informed the Council that Attorney Francine Jaramillo decided that she does not want to serve as a Justice on the Isleta Appellate Court for the 2015-2016 term. So, Jaramillo is out.  At a prior meeting, Teller reported that Jaramillo accepted the appointment.

Denise Zuni

The Council appointed Attorney Denise Zuni to serve as a Justice on the Isleta Appellate Court. Zuni is the attorney for the Isleta Pueblo Housing Authority (IPHA).

A prior Council enacted a Resolution that prohibits Tribal Officials from representing anyone before the Tribal Courts. So, if Zuni became a Justice, she would become a Tribal Official.  This would mean that the Resolution would prohibit Zuni from representing the IPHA before the Tribal Courts. 

To eliminate that problem, Attorney Pablo Padilla advised the Council to amend the Resolution to create an exception, which would allow Zuni to serve as a Justice on the Isleta Appellate Court and continue representing the IPHA before the lower Tribal Court. So, the Council accepted Padilla’s advice and they amended the Resolution.

Ken Reid

Ken Reid submitted a letter of interest to the Council requesting consideration to serve as a Justice on the Appellate Court. So, the Council will meet with Reid to question him.  Thereafter, the Council will decide whether to appoint him.


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