Skating Rink Fiasco

ice-skating-fallThe skating rink fiasco is not about Pam Gallegos. It’s about the failure of our Tribal Government. It’s about a failure of leadership on the Council and in the Governor’s Office.

Governor Eddie Paul Torres and his Lieutenants are well aware that the Tribal Constitution requires them to obtain Council approval on agreements that bind the Pueblo. See Article IV, Section 5(f).

Here, the Governors failed to get Council approval on the skating rink deal with Albuquerque. Of course, the person on the bottom of totem pole always takes the punishment. In this case, that person happens to be Pam Gallegos.

But, we should not lose focus. Our concern should be — doing what is in the best interests of the Tribe in accordance with our Constitution.

Loaning the skating rink to Albuquerque was not malfeasance. It was a business decision that could’ve gotten our Pueblo positive publicity and it would’ve helped us build a better relationship with the City.

So, it should be clear that the fiasco was not the deal with Albuquerque. The fiasco was the failure of our Tribal Officials ensuring that they were complying with our Constitution in making the deal.

The failure of our current officials damaged our Pueblo’s reputation.

Blaming Pam Gallegos is just trying to find a scapegoat. Instead, we need to carefully examine the problem to understand and find the true causes that created the problem. If we don’t, we are doomed to continue making the same mistakes again and our whole Tribe will continue to suffer.


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5 Replies to “Skating Rink Fiasco”

  1. Ur so full of bullshit Chris Abeita. It’s Pamela’s job to do what is right for the casino. Ur just mad because no body want you n Isleta. Move into Albq since u care about white people. They did good by not letting you run for council.

  2. Keep up the good work Christopher Abeita, There will always be someone who will be against the comments you post. I for one do not consider your info BS.

    1. I was actually at the meeting where Pam Gallegos discussed the issue concerning the “banking error” as you call it. See article post “3/7/13 Isleta Tribal Council Meeting“. The article I wrote caused Governor Torres to request that all Council Meetings be closed whenever they discussed Casino business. See article post “3/12/13 Isleta Tribal Council Meeting“. The “banking error” as you call it — was the fault of a lot of people including Governor Torres because he has ultimate authority over all employees.

      Nevertheless, I believe everyone should be treated fairly whether it’s Pam Gallegos or any other employee. Our Tribe has good employees and we have crappy employees. But, our Tribe should treat them all fairly. Many of us have difficulty recognizing our own animosity toward someone, which causes us to react unfairly. It may be satisfying on a personal level. But, it doesn’t do our Tribe any good.

      Anyhow, the point of my article called “Skating Rink Fiasco” was not to defend Pam Gallegos. The point was to hopefully cause people to see that we have a deeper and more serious systemic problem with HOW our tribal government functions. Pam Gallegos is just one of countless other CEOs or GMs that we have had working for our Tribe. Our Tribe chews ’em up and spits ’em out. It doesn’t matter what qualifications they have b/c if a CEO kisses the wrong ass or fails to kiss ass, then that CEO will get kicked out eventually. As a result, the entire Tribe suffers. It’s irrelevant whether Pam Gallegos stays or goes because if we don’t fix our system, we will continue to have the same problem with whoever becomes the CEO of the Casino.

      A CEO needs to focus 100% of their attention on ensuring that our Casino is maximizing its earning potential. Our CEO should not have to worry about playing politics with our Tribal Officials. The same is true for all key managers and program directors for the Tribe. But, they can’t because they have to worry about tribal politics. Pam Gallegos is not the problem. Our system of tribal government is the real problem along with the apathy of the Tribe.

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