Governor Eddie Paul Torres Wins Political Endorsement

The Task Force for Membership is Endorsing Eddie Paul Torres for Governor of the Pueblo of Isleta

Task Force EndorsementThe Task Force for Membership is endorsing Eddie Paul Torres for Governor of the Pueblo of Isleta.  They are also endorsing Fernando Abeita for the Isleta Tribal Council. To read the Task Force flyer, click it.

Terry Lente is the President of the Task Force for Membership.  The Task Force determined that Torres and Abeita will support their efforts to lower the Isleta blood quantum from one-half (1/2) to one-quarter (1/4).

The Task Force is collecting signatures for their petition to lower the Isleta blood quantum every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. thru 12:00 p.m. at Leno’s Smoke Shop.

On October 20, 2014, the Task Force issued a letter explaining their objectives.  To read their letter, click: Task Force Letter.

John Robert Lente Supports Eddie Paul Torres

During the nomination process on October 25th and 26th, John Robert Lente was able to get 103 nominations, which earned him a fourth place finish. 

Nomination Results for Governor

Eddie Paul Torres (Incumbent)
Herman Lente
Randy Jiron
John Robert Lente
Ronald Reid
Kenneth Reid
Persons Not Casting a Nomination Ballot
Spoiled Ballots*


rob lenteSince John Robert Lente was knocked out of the Governor’s race, he is now supporting Eddie Paul Torres for Governor.  John Robert Lente is Terry Lente’s brother.

Voters Without a Candidate

1,194 tribal members registered to vote. Eddie Paul Torres got 433 nominations and Herman Lente received 320. This leaves 441 voters without a candidate. These voters will decide the Governor’s race assuming that Torres and Lente are able to maintain the people that gave them a nomination in October.

However, many voters do not go back to the polls to cast their vote on election day.  Most usually, this is due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday and hunting trips. So, the question is: which candidate will suffer more from the failure of voters to go back to the polls?

Challenger Herman Lente

 Theoretically, Herman Lente is behind Eddie Paul Torres by 113 votes.  This assumes that everyone goes back to the polls to vote for the person they nominated in October.  If so, Lente must win a strong super majority of the 441 voters that lost their original choice for Governor or did not cast a nomination ballot.

Has Lente done enough to win those votes? Or, will Eddie Paul Torres remain strong to win a second term?  We will find out on Saturday, November 29th.

Finally, to be clear, Herman Lente IS NOT appointing me (Christopher Abeita) to serve as his Lieutenant Governor. 

What are your thoughts?