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Herman Lente’s Leadership Position on Blood Quantums

Blood QuantumHerman Lente, candidate for Governor of Isleta Pueblo, thanks people for their nomination and he speaks about the most controversial issue facing our Tribe. To read Lente’s statement, click: Blood Quantum.



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  1. Lets not forget it was the Tribal Council not the Governor who displayed poor leadership during the first secretarial election……

  2. Lets not forget Terry Lente-Abeyta’s disrespect to our Isleta tradition.

    1. Sparrow, at least I sign my name to things, and how is it that u know where I stand on Isleta traditions, I have never discussed those issues with anyone!

  3. It was everyone in the positions of leadership that displayed poor leadership, even governor Ms. Lente. Just because he agreed with your opinion on lowering the blood quantum does not mean his leadership was not sub par.

  4. Terry Lente, if my recollection is accurate, the majority of the Tribal Council passed a resolution to approve a secretarial election and that is why the secretarial election occurred, the Governor played a small portion in it (his signature on said resolution, along with a cover letter and submittal to the Bureau). The Tribal Council had the authority to request the secretarial election not the Governor according to the Constitution and the Isleta Newsletter. Sparrow, please do not bring up Isleta tradition, my family and extended families are very traditional and this is not the forum to discuss the issue. If you were traditional you would know that. The only DISRESPECT that lurks in Isleta is how each one of us treats each other that goes across the board which means “everyone”. RJZ, if my recollection is accurate, you were against the lowering the blood quantum but yet you have children who are not full blooded Isleta, so WTH? Let sleeping dogs lie if you want to get on Tribal Council.

    1. Delanee, the issue centered around poor leadership, I was merely making the point that the Gov did not display poor leadership, and we had to work hard at getting the council to give their support and It was not easy! And u are absolutely right about bringing up issues that we hold very sacred to one’s self, this is not the issue with blood quantum and never has been. I appreciate your comments…

  5. Herman Lente! That’s the spirit to have….it belongs to the People! You’ve got my vote and a whole lot of others. May Our Creator Bless you with the wisdom and heart to lead this community to good health and life together as a People.

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