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Yesterday, Natalie Abeita, Administrator for the Assisted Living Facility (ALF), held a meeting at the Isleta Elderly Center. Ms. Abeita is continuing her crusade to inform tribal members on how the ALF will operate. For two hours, she responded to questions and discussed various concerns with tribal members.

Council members Josephine Padilla and James Abeita were also in attendance. No other tribal officials were present.

Ms. Abeita provided the following statistics from the Isleta Census Department:

Our Tribe has 730 tribal members that are 60 years of age and over.

60 thru 69
70 thru 79
80 thru 89
90 thru 99
100 and over
Living on the Rez
Living off the Rez

 Ms. Abeita explained the types of conditions that would disqualify a person from residing at the facility.  Previously, I posted an article on this particular topic. Click: Assisted Living Facility to read more.

During the day, the ratio of caregivers to residents will be 1 to 5. According to Ms. Abeita, New Mexico law sets the ratio at 1 to 15. During bedtime hours, the ratio of caregivers to residents will be 1 to 10.

The State of New Mexico will license the facility. To maintain the license, the ALF must comply with various regulations. Ms. Abeita explained that Tribal Attorney Kaydee Culbertson is working hard to develop policies and procedures to ensure that the ALF will be in compliance with the law.  Culbertson is also providing legal review of various agreements involving the ALF.

Construction of the ALF should be complete in December. Thereafter, Ms. Abeita will take action to ensure that staff receive training in the new facility. Employees will participate in drills to respond to various types of emergencies. Ms. Abeita plans to include Isleta Police Officers in the training to make sure they understand how to respond to the special needs of our elders in emergency situations.

Ms. Abeita is in the process of hiring staff for the ALF.  She provided job announcements for vacant positions.  To view the job announcements, click:

Caregiver I
Caregiver II

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