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Drug Testing of Political Candidates

are_u_on_drugsTribal Council Resolution #2006-157

The Secretary of the Council, Verna Teller, recently issued a Notice announcing that persons seeking public office must declare their candidacy with the Isleta Tribal Council’s Office.

The Notice makes reference to Resolution #2006-157, which states:

“[c]andidates shall be given the opportunity to be tested for illegal drugs, at the Pueblo’s expense, with results of such testing, and whether any Candidate failed to undergo such testing, shall be posted at the polling place.”

The Council adopted Resolution #2006-157 on September 28, 2006. The Resolution attempts to accomplish two objectives:

  1. To cause candidates seeking public office to submit to a test for illegal drugs on a voluntary basis; and
  2. To require candidates to disclose potential conflicts of interests and describe how the candidate will avoid an actual conflict of interest.

Drug Testing is Voluntary

The Resolution does not require candidates to submit to drug testing. Instead, the Resolution states:

“each person registering candidacy . . . shall be given the opportunity to be tested for illegal drugs within five (5) days of such registration. . . .”

Conflicts of Interests

The Resolution also requires candidates to:

“file a statement that he or she will not have any conflicts of interest based upon business interests or outside employment, if elected, and disclosing any potential conflicts and what actions the candidate has taken to ensure that an actual conflict will not arise.”

To download Isleta Tribal Council Resolution #2006-157, click: Candidate Testing and Disclosure

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