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Public Comments on Proposed Charter School Sh’eh Wheef Shu-Neen

Below, are the persons that submitted letters to the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) concerning the proposed charter school, Sh’eh Wheef Shu-Neen. comments-exit

To read their letters, click their name.

Debbie Lente-Jojola

Diane L. Peigler

Michael Allen Lente, President Isleta Tribal Council



Celeste Lucero

Danielle Lucero

Patricia L. Lucero

Conroy Chino, Chino Works

Francine M. Jaramillo, Esq.

Shirley Jaramillo

Valentino Jaramillo, Director Isleta Cultural Preservation

Elizabeth Ka-Hee

Terry Lente



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  1. Thanks Mr. Abeita for posting the very interesting comments. First, out of 3,500 plus tribal members, 11 tribal members submitted comments, this is very disheartening! It’s a very strong statement that either they don’t care about the proposed Charter School (maybe because their children don’t attend Isleta Elementary) or insufficient information and/or meetings were not conducted by the Steering Committee to inform the Community. I am not talking about a few minutes at a Community Meeting and of course not the one Public Comment Meeting! Second, out of the 12 comments placed, at least six (6) of the comments are family members of the Steering Committee. With all due respect to Mr. Conroy Chino, he is not a tribal member of Isleta Pueblo. Third, in the comments made except for two (myself and Terry Lente), NOT one individual mentioned educational needs of reading, comprehension and math, just to mention a few. Where will our children stand if we do not institute the basic educational skills in order to elevate and compete with non-Indians? The world outside of the reservation will not sit and wait for our children to catch up. Technology is moving at a high rate of speed.

  2. Was this a joke? Tribal members did not have the slightest clue of what the Steering Committee proposed. Wait let’s take a step back, maybe the only tribal members and non-tribal member that knew anything about this proposed project were the few people who commented. I have a few nephews and nieces that attend Isleta Elementary and their parents did not receive any type of notification of any such meetings or commentaries that could be made. I want to thank the NM Public Education Department for having the education and knowledge to refute the erroneous application for the proposed charter school. The Steering Committee should be fired by Governor Torres and the Tribal Council for allowing the application to be submitted. But then again, isn’t there an education specialist among the Tribal Council, Barbara J. Sanchez?

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