Council Considers Spending Millions on Albuquerque Building

The Isleta Tribal Council will be back in session Tuesday, September 2, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. One of the topics on their agenda is to continue their discussion on whether to purchase a building in Albuquerque with a price tag of over $5 million dollars.

The Council is sharply divided on whether to purchase the building. Numerous issues have arisen concerning the purchase of the property.

For instance, how will the Council decide to use the building?

Will they use it to produce income? If so, how?

Or, will they use it to house tribal governmental programs?

What’s their plan?

Do they have a plan?

How long has the building been on the market?

If it’s used to generate an income, how long will it take our Tribe to recover its investment? Or, will it just drain our resources like our cattle operations?

If it’s used to house governmental programs, which programs will the Council send to that location?

Tribal members employed by the Tribe off the reservation, at that location, will have to pay State income taxes. Should we care about them?

How much in property taxes will the Tribe have to pay to the State?

Which Council members want to spend the Tribe’s money on this building?

Why is the Council sharply divided on purchasing this building?

These are just some softball questions.  I’m sure that all of us could come up with more questions that deserve answers.  What are your questions about the Council spending over $5 million on a building?

Don’t you think the Council should answer our questions before spending over $5 million dollars of the Tribe’s money?


By Christopher Abeita


What are your thoughts?