Highlights of Community Meeting – Part 1

On August 16, 2014, Governor Eddie Paul Torres held a community meeting where he had several of the Tribe’s Program Directors explain their activities and projects. Governor Torres began by warning that he would not allow anyone to disrupt the meeting. He said, my two sheriffs are here and a police officer.

Approximately, 100 tribal members attended the meeting.

The following Isleta Tribal Council members were present:

Michael Allen Lente, President;
Larry Jaramillo, Vice-President;
Verna Teller, Secretary;
Barbara Sanchez;
Fernando Abeita;
Josephine Padilla;
Juan Rey Abeita;
Cynthia Jaramillo;
Douglas Jiron; &
James Abeita.

Absent Council members:

Joseph “Cougar” Lucero; &
Phillip Jiron.

To see the agenda, click the following: Agenda for August 16, 2014

Governor Torres promised that whatever they did not cover on the agenda would be continued at the next community meeting.

Tribal/State Summit

Governor Torres explained that tribal leaders from all Indian tribes in New Mexico met with Governor Susana Martinez and the various State Department heads for the recent Tribal/State Summit. He said, New Mexico law requires the State to meet with all the tribes annually to work on solving problems.

Governor Torres said that the big problem with the Summit is that there is never any follow through after the Summit. He said, that this time he plans “to put pressure on Governor Martinez” to have follow up meetings with him on a quarterly basis.

Governor Torres, however, did not explain what specific issues he discussed with State officials at the Summit. Nor, did the Council.

Proposed Charter School Initiative


Joseph Lucero, Denise Zuni and Charlene Lucero explained that parents want to establish a Charter School for Isleta. The name of the school will be “Sh’eh Wheef Shu-Neen.” It will be a middle school for grades 7, 8 and 9. The proposed school will serve Isleta and surrounding communities.

Charlene Lucero submitted a Notice of Intent to submit a charter application on January 13, 2014, to the State. The Notice of Intent states:

“The proposed school will concentrate on dual language and promote full immersion of the Tiwa language, culture and history within an academic setting.”

Ms. Zuni, however, said that the school will not actually be able to do a full immersion of our language, as they originally planned.

According to the application submitted to the State, the school will have a projected cap of 75 students for year 1. Thereafter, 100 students for year 2; 125 students for year 3; & 150 students for years 4 and 5.

The current steering committee members for the proposed charter school are:

Mike Jojola;
Charlene Lucero;
Joseph Lucero;
Heather Jojola; &
Alicia Flores.

The presenters did not explain the costs for operating the school. However, you can find some budget information for the proposed school online. Here are some links:

Notice of Intent

Application for Sh’eh Wheef Shu-Neen

2014 Budget Documents for Sh’eh Wheef Shu-Neen

Financial Management Policies for Sh’eh Wheef Shu-Neen

Facilities Management Plan for Sh’eh Wheef Shu-Neen

All Documents filed with State

Public Meeting

To allow public comments and questions concerning the proposed charter school, the New Mexico Public Education Department will conduct a public meeting at the Isleta Recreation Center on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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