Power Struggle for Cows

On August 7, 2014, the Isleta Tribal Council voted to take away the Tribe’s cattle operations from the Isleta Business Corporation (IBC). A previous Council established the IBC to manage several tribal enterprises, which included the Tribe’s cattle business at the Comanche Ranch.

During the Council meeting on July 31, 2014, Chip R. Martin, the Chief Executive Officer of the IBC, reported that the Tribe has lost $3.5 million dollars since 1997 in the cattle business. This means, on average, the Tribe has lost approximately $206,000 each year over the past 17 years in the cattle business.

Since December of 2010, the IBC has been responsible for the Tribe’s cattle business, which is now almost four years. In contrast, our tribal government was directly responsible for this enterprises for 14 years. Yet, neither have been able to turn the cattle business into a profit making venture for our Tribe.

Nevertheless, in the wake of IBC’s revelation of million of dollars in losses in the cattle business, the Council decided to take away the cattle enterprise from the IBC. So, apparently, this means that Governor Eddie Paul Torres is now responsible for the Tribe’s cattle operations.



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