2014 Summer Intern Pilot Program

This year, the Pueblo of Isleta (POI) initiated a Summer Internship Program for students. The program allowed POI scholarship recipients to apply for the program. Participants worked in various departments with the Pueblo.

The Isleta Human Resources Department spear-headed the program. Myra J. Garro and Richard “Dickki” Garcia from Human Resources addressed the Isleta Tribal Council at their meeting on July 24, 2014. Garcia explained that there were 21 student applicants. Students had the opportunity to earn money and gain valuable work experience in areas related to their career goals.

Seven participants also attended the meeting and addressed the Council. Each student briefly introduced themselves. They thanked the Council for the opportunity to participate in the program. These students were:

Natalie Salvador – Placed with the Isleta Business Corporation. Ms. Salvador obtained an associate’s degree in accounting from Central New Mexico Community College (CNMCC).

Earnest Correa – Placed with Tiwa Lending. Mr. Correa is a graduate of New Mexico State University (NMSU). He obtained a degree in marketing and he is now working with the Isleta Resort & Casino.

Adrianna Sanchez – Placed with the Tribal Public Defender’s Office. Ms. Sanchez is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice at CNMCC.

Jeremiah Danielson – Placed with the MIS Program (Management Information Systems). Mr. Danielson attends NMSU where he plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Deanna Walker – Placed with the Department of Education. Ms. Walker obtained an associate’s degree in web design from CNMCC. Now, she is moving toward a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and animation.

Danelle Lucero – Placed with the Department of Education. Ms. Lucero attends Columbia University where she is majoring in Anthropology.

Danielle Lucero – Placed with the Isleta Treasury Department. Ms. Lucero attends Ft. Lewis College. (My apologies, I could not hear the statements that she made to the Council).

Ms. Adrianna Sanchez explained that she truly enjoyed coming to work every day. She stated that Zane Swank, the Public Defender, took the time to teach her about the law. He wanted to be sure that she learned from the experience and he kept her busy every day. She told the Council that he  is extremely busy and that she is thankful to him for his time.

All participants expressed their gratitude to the Council and to the various programs where they worked. President Michael Allen Lente thanked the students for coming before the Council. He also stated that he wants to see this program continue and he wants all students that are interested in the program to have the same opportunity.

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By Christopher Abeita

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