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By Christopher L. Abeita

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Isleta Tribal Council Approves Per Capita for 2014

On July 15, 2014, the Isleta Tribal Council approved the Resolution for a per capita distribution of $1,400 for 2014.

The Tribe will distribute $700 on August 5th and $700 on December 9th.

Tribal members will be allowed to keep the entire distribution released on August 5th.

For the December 9th distribution, the Council determined that the Tribe may withhold up to 75% of the per capita from tribal members who have judgments against them for unpaid housing payments, court fines, child support, civil restitution, ditch dues or incarceration bills.

The Council, however, did not establish a method to determine how to prioritize the satisfaction of unpaid judgments. So, if a person owes ditch dues, child support and a court fine, it is unclear which judgment will get priority for payment.

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By Christopher Abeita


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  1. I don’t know about everyone else but I am glad to have help from the tribe. These days money is important for those of us raising children and I thank you all for the per capita distribution. Take care Thanks again.

  2. Personally, speaking on behalf of myself, its good that we are getting per-capita. I however would like to see more enforcement for child support. This is the only time of year, some of our children see anything in the form of financial assistance.

    1. Christopher Abeita

      I agree. Additional remedies to enforce child support are: wage garnishment, intercept of tax refunds, revocation of driver’s license, revocation of professional licenses, loss of passport and jail time. Just to name a few.

  3. Thank you its hard these days with kids and bills some tribal members can’t find jobs and it harder n harder… The per capita comes in handy for school clothes.. Thanks for caring about us.. Oh yea,and where are you distributing the checks at?

    1. Christopher Abeita

      The Tribe will distribute per capita checks at the Isleta Recreation Center on Tuesday, August 5th.

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