Tribal Council Censors My Blog

The Isleta Tribal Council and Governor Eddie Paul Torres Demand Removal of Information from my Blog.

On the evening of April 3, 2013, Sheriff Raymond Jojola delivered a letter to me.  James Abeita, President of the Isleta Tribal Council and Governor Eddie Paul Torres signed the letter.  The letter demands that I “immediately remove . . . certain information” from my blog.  All 12 Council members voted in favor of forcing me to remove the information from my blog.

To read their letter, please click the following link: April 3, 2013, Council Ltr. Demanding Removal of Information.

The information that I posted on my blog yesterday (4/2/13) is information that I acquired from attending the Isleta Tribal Council meeting. I did not obtain the information from a “confidential” “written report” as the letter claims.

The numbers that I reported concerning the profits and losses generated by the C-Store, Travel Center and Comanche Ranch were presented to the Council in an overhead screen projection by Chip Martin, Chief Executive Officer of the Isleta Business Corporation (IBC) in an open meeting. The information displayed in the projection did not state that the information was “confidential.” Furthermore, several tribal members and non-Indians were also present at the meeting.

I fail to see how informing tribal members of the revenues (or, lack of revenues) generated by the C-Store, Travel Center or Comanche Ranch “harms the Pueblo of Isleta and its entities.”

My purpose in providing you with information about the Council’s discussions and votes is to enable you to decide for yourself whether the Council is making good decisions or bad decisions. The decisions of the Council and the Governors have direct impact on you and your families. To hold tribal officials accountable, the people need to know what decisions the Council and Governors are making on OUR behalf.

Nevertheless, I have no choice. I must comply with the demands of Governor Eddie Paul Torres and the Isleta Tribal Council.  Therefore, I removed the information from my blog as they demanded.

By Christopher Abeita

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